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At Unbeatable Developer Academy, we teach & coach developers on how to maximise the value they create for the world.

Developers are incredibly important people in the 21st century, because they have all required tools to bring freedom to the lives of 7 billion people.

Becoming a developer is easy nowadays. There are thousands of schools teaching you everything you need to know about coding.

Yet too many developers lack power and ambition required to give exceptional value for our world.

About Founder

My name is Tomas Vyšniauskas.

I’d call myself a guy who is standing on the ground, arms stretched to the sky and ready to embrace the whole world. My mind is absorbed into Infinity.

I've been coding since 2005. As a CTO, I've been leading and coaching developers. I've been building products for $50M+ companies.

Now I help developers unleash their full potential at Unbeatable Developer Academy.

I founded Intelligence House to help entrepreneurs automate their businesses.

I build startups for people who want to achieve more freedom in their lives.

I love speaking at conferences/seminars/meet ups and sharing inspiration with people.

I love freedom – that’s my highest value.

Whatever I do in my professional life, it’s for the sole purpose of bringing more freedom to the world.

Freedom is my drug.

And it’s definitely not only about Freedom of Being Yourself – Freedom of Movement is equally important for me (see my Travel Plan).

That’s why I set off for amazing road trips around Europe with my friends (video in English and article with pictures in Lithuanian). Twice!

That’s why I visited almost 40 countries in 3 continents. And lived for a while in some of them.

But I’m highly emotional. I can go from ecstasy to depression in 1 minute without any rational reason. That’s why I’m into arts too.

I love taking pictures of cities.

And I loved directing and shooting movies in the past (I hope inspiration for movie making will pay me a visit again in the future).

To prove myself that I’m free, sometimes I do crazy stuff. For example, you can read about how I got into a $2,000 seminar in Sydney for free, and how you can do it too.

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